First of all while playing PlayStation Portable on my own I was surprised to find that I could easily become fully absorbed with the PSP and that it changed my normal habits (e.g. I would usually always answer a ringing phone, but found myself ignoring even the caller id when playing). So I started to observe friends to see how they reacted, visually, psychologically and emotionally, what faces they made, how and why they expressed themselves with the PSP. I became curious about the different gaming habits of my friends, when and how they would play and the many (sometimes previously unseen) sides of them that would emerge.


By taking a closer look at various people playing many games I found that there is a similar repetitive behaviour including expressions and gestures across different personalities and games.
Through the medium of the moving picture I wanted to explore and focus on the subtle movements in the face including the non-verbal visual and emotional communications that unite PlayStation Portable game players.

Final piece
The final work is a visualisation shot on digital beta cam using motion control that allows every move to be repeated. I tried to capture the tension of the moment by combining the motion of the camera with the emotion of the player, focusing on the details in the face, mouth, eyes and nose of a person.