Friday, 4th of November, 2005 @ 11:25pm

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The concept of ‘freedom’ within gaming suggests the creation of alternate identities and the ability to immerse oneself in imaginary worlds. The convergence of technology necessitates the need to look beyond digital realms and how future devices will add functionality to the real world.

Current developmental trends in mobile technology suggest the future has finally arrived. But rather than the PSP brand becoming the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of electronic devices, being a pocket device with all manner of peripherals and software add-ons combined for extended functionality beyond entertainment, reduce the technology to its simplest form.

With consumer electronics strapped to our bodies or always within an arms reach, the physical integration of mechanical and biological has always been theorised in Science Fiction. With NANO TECHNOLOGY, by sending particle components into the brain to augment the senses and integrate with full electronic functionality, physical consumer devices become obsolete.

With nano scale, technology becomes invisible to the naked eye,

All you need is a simple over the counter PILL.

Sami Khan