101 USES FOR A PSP – No. 42

Wednesday, 28th of September, 2005 @ 10:19am

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Is your mother bugging you to get a car navigation system? Disconcerted by the clunky looking contraption compromising the décor of your prized Skyline GT? Presenting the solution to your predicament – THE PSP METAL GEAR SOLID: GPS EDITION.

Not only is this device available in a choice of 3 LIMITED EDITION translucent MGS camouflage designs, it also comes packaged with the most comprehensive GPS navigation system available. Also included is METAL GEAR: METROPOLIS. Use your stealth skills to compete in the real world, using your own personal Codec frequency on your PSP GPS system.

A quick response, representing my favourite aspect of the PSP so far
– Wi Fi connectivity.

Unlocked all of the SPECIAL CLASS cars – including PAC MAN in his propeller driven machine. So next time the club meets, we should have an 8-way race all as Pacman! 

Sami Khan