I am proposing ideas for a series of games inspired by traditional game genres such as car racing and football games. The ideas of the games will be shown through text, imagery and objects.

Example: Game 1 – The End of the Road

The End Of the Road is a car racing simulation game in which players choose from a range of 20 drivers and corresponding automobiles all based on famous celebrity car deaths. Once the famous crash victim and corresponding automobile have been chosen they proceed to enter world rally tour consisting of all the final routes of the famous deceased, ranging from James Dean’s highway 41 crash in California to Princess Diana’s crash in the Place de l'Alma tunnel in Paris. Each character has strengths and weaknesses (their special features) based on real personality traits and facts about their lives that will affect their game control. The aim of the game is to win the races while at the same time making your opponents crash using the special features given to each character.

Proposal for game number 1

Proposal for game number 2