I used the the symbols of the PSP and the size and brightness of the screen as inspiration. The size of all the images and the entire lightbox itself were constrained by the proportions of the screen of the psp. I also used the symbols of the PSP to mark up the contact sheet. I discovered that the PSP symbols, outside of the square, are commonly used in Japanese culture like our four star rating symbols. The circle with in a dot in the centre is four stars, the circle on its own is three stars, triangle is two, and the “X” is one. Another meaning for the triangle in short hand and in physics is change.

Using these as a template I marked up the contact sheet with the symbols opting for the following meanings: “X” meant discard; triangle meant change with a description of the element that was to be changed; circle meant a good element to blow up; and finally a square meant a final decision of the area to print. Finally the reason why I chose a contact sheet was to show the convergence of my ideas as well as keeping the creative process transparent.